Sabotage 5 "Till It's Dirt"

Sabotage 5 "Till It's Dirt"

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The Sabotage crew have done it again! Another full length film from the streets of Philadelphia. Yes, there is plentiful LOVE park footage despite the demise of the legendary plaza. 

Zach Panebianco sets it off classic Philly style by jumping the fence at Love Park straight into an ollie down the 4 block. The combination of Fat Joe blasting in your ear and a powerful style put shivers down my spine.

Kevin Bilyeu comes through with a fucking G part to the sounds of legendary East Coast rapper AZ and end his part with a switch 360 flip that'll have you singing "Like Whoa", pausing the video, jumping on Youtube and watching Kalis's in Photosynthesis.

Dylan Sourbeer has been killing it consistently throughout the Sabotage series and his part in this is probably the best. If your familiar with his skating, I'm sure you are a huge fan.

All this amongst absolute ripping by Kevin Liedtke, Jon Hadley, Bryan Leddy, Tore Bevivino, Joey O’Brien, Brian Douglas, Brian Panebianco, Justin Adeniran, Toly Bitny  and Jamal Smith.

Big ups to Brian Panebianco for another absolute masterpiece.