Digby Luxton

Digby Luxton

Plazas, Partying and Prometheus - with Digby Luxton

We arrived well into the darkness of the West Coast of New Zealand, late, parched, and absolutely ravenous. After pitching our tents like boy scouts we got stuck into a bottle of Poland’s finest and a few round ones. Things escalated rapidly as we waltzed along the train tracks into the unknown, which would lead us to the night of our lives.It was reminiscent of the film “Stand By Me”, a bunch of kids on an adventure. Over the years standing by him not much has changed, he’s still the same kid, on another adventure. Digby carries a trouble free outlook and a pre puberty like energy with him along the train tracks of daily life. There’s not much in this world that can phase a man child like this, the modern day complexities of everyday life for most, are practically non-existent to him. You can see it in his skating, his friendships, and in the events that effortlessly take place in his life. They all equally manifest into the little rascal that is Digby. Though blessed with a simple mind, he still possesses the technical ability to wrap his “Little Blonde Dweeb” head around big spin flips down 11 stairs. His skating of late has blossomed into a bouquet of razors, that will leave squares of toilet paper upon the face of skateboarding. What’s in store for Digby? Who knows, and I don’t think he’s worried. He will surely be forever young, forever free, and most definitely for ever a G.  

Adam Kinsman


Hit me

How are ya? What’s been happening?

Pretty good pretty good. I’ve just been away in the USA for 6 weeks. I blew pretty much every cent to my name. I quit my job before I left, so I came back here with nothing. Today I had my first shift working on the boats down at the Yarra River with Sam Wood, so I’m looking forward to getting some money back in the pocket.

Who did you go to the States with?

I went with Matt Beck and Shannon Hood. We met up with Tim Williams and camped in his back yard in San Diego. He showed us around Mexico, as well as a million spots from the old “Shorty’s” videos in SD. No Peter Smolik sightings though.

After California we went to the East Coast for the rest of the trip and met up with Bud (Logan Moodie) and East Chris (Chris Bota).

Fuck yes that sounds like the best trip ever. How East Chris going?

He’s good man. We met him in New York. He was up to his same old shit. We went out the first night there and he slept in a bush! You would never think he lives in a 3-story mansion with a cinema, spa, elevator and gym. His dad owns and runs the most successful diner in Washington DC which has even fed Obama! His mums hot as fuck too. Sorry Chris. It was fucking rad to stay with him.

Dope. I need to get back over there. Washington DC is such a cool city. We only skated Pulaski a couple of times. It seemed like you guys were there almost every day?

Yep it’s an amazing city. We were on Chris’s schedule each day, and it’s hard to drag him away from there. Same deal as Lincoln Square though. Everyone meets there and gets occupied. Before you know it the suns down and your drunk, ha-ha. We skated a lot of other spots though. DC is sick, its similar to Melbourne in the sense that you can just skate around spot to spot and not have to fuck with cars or trains, ya know?

Yep, I defiantly know what you mean. So there was a solid crew over in DC?

Yep, for sure. We met a bunch of real cool dudes and a bunch of crenders (career enders), which was a good balance. Logan killed it behind the lens over there. He would get in and film the locals on the regular. They were all down! His video will be good. It’s coming in hot this summer.

Noseblunt pop out.

Noseblunt Pop Out.


Sick. I love his edits, so raw. So then you headed to NYC right??

Nah we flew in to NYC first. We had a one-bedroom apartment between 5 of us.

No air conditioning in the middle of summer, and with 5 skaters staying in the same room, of course it fucking stunk! My favourite story from New York was heading to Staten Island to skate the ABC ledges, but we were so cooked from the night before that we got there at 5pm and realised that it was an hour taxi journey to the spot. So we flagged that and walked around looking for spots. The deeper we went, the gnarlier the locals got. Pretty much, we went to Staten Island got scared and left. We blew it.

Hahahaha, fuck that. That spot is defiantly worth the mission tho. That sucks you didn’t get to skate there. It is pretty sketchy out there. I remember Jake Mein, Beach Thurlow and I were walking around there, and a 10 year old kid said “What the fuck are yall doin’ around here?”

Ha-ha. We were getting the same shit in Brooklyn. Little kids knocking on our window like “are ya’ll fools having a sleepover”?


Then you headed to Philly for a few days right?

Yep, we caught the bus down to Philly. We rented a house there for 3 days from some 60-year-old party animal. She said there were no rules, so we partied pretty hard and had complaints from the neighbours before midnight. She took us back to hers to avoid more tension with the neighbours. The next morning, we were getting calls from the police saying they had Matt Beck. It turns out he had gone on a drunk solo mission and ended up in hospital. None of us even knew he had left the house!!

The rest of the trip was just skating around the streets and at LOVE Park till’ the early hours of the morning.

Oh Beck. He’s always butt fucking himself. Philly is the shit. The locals are so welcoming aye? LOVE is the best spot ever. Did you have to “run, skate, chill”?

Ha-ha, yes. One night the cops rolled up, we were the only ones skating and there were a few locals chilling on the ledges. Anyway. I followed some 13-year-old kid who fled the scene and the other guys just hung around in the plaza and waited for the cops to leave. Apparently, these days, the cops are more focussed on the bums sleeping there day in day out, rather then the skaters. They still want to get rid of the whole place and turn it into some tourist garden, which is a shame. After being there and skating LOVE in real life, looking back at the old videos is insane. Iv got so much respect for the whole LOVE Park era of skateboarding.

Fakie Front Crook | Lincoln Square

Fakie Crook, Lincoln Square


Yeah it sucks that they are getting rid of it. It would be taking away a huge part of skateboarding history. At least you got to skate there!! It’s a long way from the freezing winters in Wanaka!!!

It’s funny, I’ve still got a bunch of mates living there that I chat too, and they’re like “how the fuck do you save enough to even get to Australia”. They’re too busy pimping their Nissan Skylines out and driving an hour for McDonalds. Fuck that!

Oh man its insane right. We are so lucky to have left our hometowns in NZ. Skateboarding gives you so much motivation to travel, its amazing.

You know all about it growing up in Oamaru. Yeah man it’s so sick. I’m constantly skating with dudes that want to travel too. I love it. I couldn’t ask for better really.

For sure. Everyone in Melbourne is pretty motivated. Tell me about your semi recent trip to China? That looked fun as hell!!!

16 dirt bags in Shanghai, ha-ha . We had a buddy system and everything. Geoff was the only one that blew it and lost his buddy. But yeah can’t really explain it the place is pretty ruthless.

You guys killed it.




                                           Front Board, Lincoln Square


Explain your current living situation? What is Prometheus???


Prometheus is our house. I live with Matt Beck, Adam Kinsman and also have had Gucci (Tim Williams) on the couch for half a year. Dylan Bruns named it Prometheus.

The day we moved in, the entire house was completely bare, apart from a poster for the movie “Prometheus” that was posted on the wall. Dylan quoted “If you ever get rid of this I’ll burn your house down”. It’s like a mantelpiece in the lounge now. It’s a good house though. Decent size and it has a big back yard. Stragglers passing through are all welcome to stay over. We’ve got a coupla couches so come chill!!


Ha-ha, I love it. So before you moved to Melbourne, you were living in Wellington (New Zealand) right?

Yeah I lived in Wellington for a year and a half before I moved here. It was fucking sick.

Wellington was like a warm up for Melbourne I guess. I had never spent more then 2 weeks in Wellington before moving there, and it was my first time out of home. I lived with my brother Harry and Beach Thurlow in an apartment so we were killing it. I needed more though so moved here and never looked back.

Yeah Wellington is dope. Its got its own wee scene over there which is rad, but everything just seems much better on this side of the ditch. Especially as a lot of the boys have moved over here too. Doesn’t Geoff owe you a ticket to New Zealand for a trick that you did??

Ha-ha yeah he does!! I secretly think he’s postponed the trip, because he’ll have to cover me as well. Before that, there was talk of a New Zealand trip. The plan was to drive to all the places we all grew up in, and skate around those areas of the South Island.

Geoff must have doubted me, because the attempt before I landed it, he said, “next try for a ticket to New Zealand”, and yeah, I did it. (11 stair big spin-flip seen in Geoff Campbell’s “$21.50”) Thanks for reminding me! I need to bring it to life and get this trip going. Who’s got a couch for us to crash on?!!

Back at the plaza. Front Blunt, Lincoln Square. 


Well its on paper now. Geoff, give up the goods! Ha-ha. I think were pretty much done here man, any shout outs/thanks or whatever?


Thanks all the boys. Beer Money!