Caeylen Norris

Caeylen Norris

Aite. Lets get shit started. What’s been happening today? Its getting fucking hot innit!!!

Yeah it’s been pretty random the last fortnight. It was really cold then all of a sudden 32 degrees and back to 18, but I guess you have to expect that out of Melbourne.


Have you always lived in Melbourne?


Yeah I’ve been here pretty much forever.

I moved around as a kid, back and forth to the country, but I actually moved to Malaysia for nearly 3 years when I was 12, but since then I haven’t really left.

I started skating in Malaysia ha-ha.


Really? How did that come about?


My stepdad at the time got a job working over there as a cop, doing all sorts of random stuff, so my siblings, Mum and I moved with him.

It was a nice experience but it was a bizarre country to live in.


That’s crazy. That’s strange you started skating over there. Was there a bit of a scene?


Well, I guess I went to an American school when I was living there so there was a bunch of kids who has already skated. I’d done it a few times back in Australia so I thought I’d try it out.

There wasn’t really a scene that I knew of, just heaps of random parks that look like they are out of “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater”. Really strange set ups..


That would have been an amazing experience to leave Australia at such a young age. How old are you now then?


Yeah it was a pretty amazing opportunity.

I’m 21 at the moment.


I talked briefly to Isaac Matz about the younger cats like yourself, Jason Rainbird and Simon Frazzetto, kind of taking over the city scene!

I’m super hyped to see you all in the mags! I’m only 26, but I still remember meeting you guys at city park. You were a child!! You must have only been 14 or 15?



It’s funny how that’s happened!

Yeah we were all just the little kids. I defiantly would have been young when we met. I guess everyone’s still around who I met back then so I still feel like a kid.

Its amazing to see all the boys getting coverage!


Yeah for sure! I remember one minute I was selling Simon stolen Vans samples from my old work, next he’s on the cover of Slam! Soo sick!

So what up with your art work?

I’ve seen a few things on Instagram and it was mind blowing!

I wanna see more!


Haha, the Vans sample bin saves a few kids a few pennys, that’s for sure!

I guess I’ve tried everything to an extent but I’ve always been jumping between shooting photos, drawing, painting and skating, but in the last year I’ve tried to put my head down and get some work done that I’m proud of.

I’d like to be apart of a group show at some point next year.


Your recent design for Hoddle was sick!


Yeah I’m really stoked I had the opportunity to do that.

It was a really fun process making the sculptures for the board.


Your girlfriend Maddy is also apart of the art scene right? Her shit is dope!


Yeah she’s really motivated me to work more seriously and harder.

She’s always coming up with rad ideas so it’s nice to have someone to bounce off.

It’s really nice to have both art and skateboarding to focus on.

I think they almost feed off each other and influence me to do certain things, weather it’s skating or something creative. The Hoddle boards are a good example. They kind of went hand in hand. Its nice being able to tie in the two things you are constantly working towards.